Imagine this: A pack of wild, stray, dangerous, mean, angry, aggressive dogs (pit bulls, rottweilers, dobermans, etc…) were terrorizing a neighborhood and the people in it. Fighting with each other, begin aggressive and causing harm to humans. Now imagine trying to stop it before something tragic happens. You would fight and fight aggressively to make sure that once they stopped, they stopped for good. Now imagine someone video records you fighting aggressively with just one of those dogs. Video records you aggressively fighting just 1, for a fraction of the time compared to the onslaught of the entire episode. Perhaps this 1 dog might be a female and slightly smaller than the rest. She might be “cuter” than the others and less aggressive than the others but aggressive nonetheless. But she was still part of the stray, dangerous, mean, angry and aggressive pack. Would you continue to fight in a way that would almost guarantee this 1 dog could do no more harm? I would. Now imagine people ONLY seeing this 1 fraction of the recorded video. What would it look like? It would look like you are a complete animal abuser. People would be outraged because they see you being aggressive toward this 1 animal. PETA would want you locked-up. Your name and image would be plastered all over the web because you are now labelled an “animal abuser”. All because you were trying to prevent tragedy.
This cop did nothing wrong. If we had more cops like him, maybe these wild animals would think twice about causing terror. And yes, these underage minors are worse than wild animals. Animals are wild for survival reasons. What reason did these kids have?